Aralu Unde | Puffed Paddy Ladoo

Ladoos Made from just 3 simple ingredients

An unde/ladoo recipe using Puffed Paddy (unmilled rice) aralu in Kannada. This is a very simple recipe that you can prepare in just 10 minutes with only 3 ingredients. We’re pretty sure that people of all ages can relish this ladoo at any time of the day, especially kids will love it.

Aralu(Puffed Paddy- Unmilled Rice), Jaggery and Coconut Chips

Ingredients Required

Dissolve Jaggery in water

Dissolve the jaggery in water and pass it through a strainer to remove any dust particles, After that

Boil Jaggery

Boil till you get 1 string consistency syrup or splash a drop of jaggery syrup into a cup of water and if the jaggery does not dissolve and remains like a ball in the water, then it means the syrup is ready

Mix the aralu/puffed paddy and coconut chips together

Make sure that you remove any dust present in the aralu/puffed paddy and mix it together with Coconut Chips

Pour the jaggery syrup into the mixture

Take a little portion of the Puffed paddy in a wide bowl and pour a portion of the syrup on that, mix well, dust your hand with rice powder and make unde/ladoo, repeat this with the remaining Puffed paddy/aralu.

Let it sit in the open air for some time to dry

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