Cold pressed Coconut Oil for Skin, Hair & Cooking – 500ml

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Made from fresh raw Tiptur Tall coconuts using a no-heat process preserving vital nutrients and natural properties. A preferred choice for hair and skin nourishment and helps aid weight loss a

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Premium Cold pressed Coconut oil high quality cold pressed oil tiptur

Fresh cold-pressed copra oil made from Tiptur’s finest coconuts

  •  Our Coconut Oil is 100% RAW Natural and Organic
  • PURITY – Our Coconuts are loaded with incredible natural nutrients, with nothing stripped away through processing.

Why cold-pressed oils?

There is a good reason why cold-pressed coconut oil has won the day. When oils are heated, it changes the structure on a molecular level, which, when ingested (eaten), can have various negative health impacts such as contributing to cardiovascular diseases and poor blow flow. Furthermore, heated oils have been linked to myriad other health problems including acne.

Equivocally, the nutrients in cold-pressed oils remain intact, the molecular structure is not compromised, and thus, has become a go-to product for the health-conscious many. Cold-pressed coconut oil imparts a great, nutty flavor, so many use it as a replacement for things such as butter.

Where can you use this?

  • This is an edible-grade oil and can be consumed orally for great health benefits.
  • Use it for Oil pulling for great oral health.
  • Use it for cooking purposes.
  • Use it on your hair regularly for smooth, shiny, and lustrous hair.
  • Use it on your skin for baby-soft skin.
  • Use it to infuse coconut flavor into smoothies

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Cold pressed Coconut Oil for Skin, Hair & Cooking - 500ml

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