Whole Copra Ball Dry – 350gms

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Naturally dried whole coconut balls. Well dried whole of the coconut kernel and is used in food preparations. Premium quality. Enjoy longer shelf life sourced via organic cultivation.

This pack contains up to 4 whole balls weighing between 500-600gms

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Premium quality Tiptur select dry copra balls

Introducing our premium Whole Copra Ball – a sustainably sourced and organically grown delight from the farmers of Tiptur. We take pride in offering you the finest Whole Copra Ball, carefully crafted with exceptional taste and versatility. By choosing our Whole Copra Ball, not only will you elevate your culinary creations, but you’ll also support local farmers and eco-friendly practices.

Grown organically in the fertile lands of Tiptur, our Whole Copra Ball showcases the authentic flavors of this tropical region. The coconuts, nurtured without harmful chemicals or pesticides, develop a distinct sweetness and aroma that are captured in every ball of our Whole Copra.

Our Whole Copra Ball is meticulously processed to extract the purest copra, shaped into convenient balls for easy handling and usage. With each bite, you’ll experience the exceptional taste and richness that sets our Whole Copra Ball apart.

Incorporate our Whole Copra Ball into your recipes to add a burst of flavor to curries, baked goods, smoothies, or granolas. The natural sweetness and richness of our Whole Copra Ball will take your dishes to new heights of satisfaction.

Choosing our Whole Copra Ball means embracing sustainable and ethical practices. We prioritize fair trade and support the local economy by partnering directly with the farmers of Tiptur. Together, we foster a positive relationship with the environment and the communities that nurture our ingredients.

Indulge in the goodness of our Whole Copra Ball, sourced organically from the farmers of Tiptur. Experience the vibrant flavors that only come from products grown with love and care. Add our Whole Copra Ball to your culinary repertoire and savor the tropical goodness while making a positive impact. Elevate your dishes with the finest Whole Copra Ball available.

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Weight .350 kg
Dimensions 10 × 12 × 10 cm

Pack of 1 – 350g, Pack of 2 – 700g


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Whole Copra Ball Dry - 350gms

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